Vol. 1 No. 1 (2020): Academic Review of Consumer Behavior and Research


Fatih KOÇ
Assoc. Prof. Dr., Kocaeli University

Published 2020-01-20


In recent years, political marketing used in the process of delivering political products to voters has become popular around world and Turkey. Political Involvement of voters, the target group of political marketing, is key factors in the success of marketing practices. Therefore, examining of levels of voters involvement is important for the practitioners and researchers of this field. In this study, a survey was conducted in Edremit, Burhaniye and Havran districts of Balıkesir province to determine the political engagement levels of voters in this region. In this research, 189 voters were interviewed face to face. Participants were selected by using convenience sampling method. The levels of political involvement of the participants were determined by frequency and means. In addition, it was tried to determine whether the level of political involvement differed according to the participants’ demographic characteristics by using t test and variance analysis. As a result of the analyses, it was found that the level of political involvement was below midpoint. As a result of the differences analysis, it was found that while political interest differed according to gender and age of the participants, it did not differ according to education level.